The Tiger Who Came to Tea

I have a cool little side gig where I get to take photos of fun people and watch amazing theatre. Farmers Alley Theatre in downtown Kalamazoo asked me to help promote their shows with photos and video highlights.

Glad to do it.

Here is our latest venture.


Below are some outtakes from the shoot while I was setting up. I call it : The Untold Story.

Bannon tigerHere’s Bannon: Dad, Tiger, enjoys tea in pink cups.

twctt2_edited-1Tara plays his lovely wife. Clearly, a very happy couple.

twctt4But it’s not all roses and sunshine.

twctt3_edited-1Loneliness and distance can sometimes take hold.

Okay, totally kidding. Yay, happiness! (Though Mom’s still not too certain about that tiger.)


The Tiger Who Came to Tea is sure to be a fun, exciting adventure for the kiddos. It runs November 1 -8 at Farmers Alley Theatre. Dont Miss!

Willkommen, Bienvenue


I first met Adam F. Carter as we were waiting to audition for “The Eight: Reindeer Monologues” at the Whole Art Theatre back in 2003. He quietly, politely introduced himself and shook my hand. But when his name was called, Adam strolled out onto the stage and owned it with an enormous presence that seeped from every molecule.

No hyperbole. In fact, those who have seen him perform would say I’m understating.


This is one of many reasons why “Cabaret” at Farmers Alley Theatre is a must see. Adam will be making his own the role of the Emcee. It was my pleasure to photograph him for promotion of the show.

Tickets are on sale now at


A New Love

Portraits. They have found me.


Now I crave the next time I’m allowed to capture someone’s world.


This session in particular was a life changer for me.


I got to hang out and get to know an amazing person. And when I got home, I had shots that caught her exactly the way I saw her.


I plan to do more and dedicate this blog to each new adventure. So please stay tuned!